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"Seasons Greetings from Yangon International Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association
Wishing all of you a Prosperous New Year!
All the best of luck at the fair.
Your presence at the show is greatly appreciated."

Yangon International Gems
and Jewelry Fair 2018

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is rich of natural resources below and above the land and varieties of gems and precious stones are also found.

Among the various jewelries, rubies, sapphires and jade from Myanmar are the most popular gems in the world market, since over 1000 years ago and has broken many records in the auctions.

The Yangon International Gems Jewelry Fair 2018 is organized and arranged by Gems & Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association Yangon. GJEA Yangon aim to have a major gems and jewellery market in Myanmar. The fair is proudly supported by Myanmar Gems Enterprise and ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental conservation.


Expected Visitors






Fair - 2018 Opening

Event Schedule

Opening Ceremony : 9AM (11 January, 2018)
Opening Hours : 10 AM - 8PM (11-14 January 2018)
Seminars : 1PM – 3PM (11 ~ 12 January 2018)

6:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM (Jewelry Fashion Show) Date (11. 1. 2018 to 13. 1. 2018)

Seminar Program

11th of January 2018.
13: 00 hours to 15 : 00 hours
Crystal Ballroom No (2), Lotte Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

  1. Opening Address
  2. Dream of the red chamber: The internal world of Ruby by Richard W.Hughes, American Gemologist and award winning author of Lotus Gem Lab of Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. Tea and Coffee break
  4. Integrity in the gem market: the role of gem identification reports ( Myanmar Version) by U Kyaw Wunna , Chief Gemologist of F.G.A Gem Trading and Testing Laboratory of Yangon, Myanmar.

12th of January 2018.
13: 00 hours to 15 hours
Crystal Ballroom No (2), Lotte Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

  1. Opening address
  2. Amber: Natural Vs Copal and Imitations by Mr. Tay Thye Sun , Gems and Jewellery Consultant Gemologist of Far East Geological Laboratory of Singapore.
  3. Coffee and Tea Break
  4. CVD diamonds by U Kyaw Swar Htun, Gemologist of Asia Glory Gemmological Laboratory of Myanmar.

Good Opportunities for buyers:

  • One coupon for the purchase of 500,000 kyats which can with iPhones / Samsung Tablets / Gold Coins.
  • Two-night stay for the purchase of $50,000 & above
  • Four-night stay for the purchase of $100,000 & above at the LOTTE HOTEL.


Free admission


Business attire

- Decent attire.
- Short pants are not allowed.



We welcome all precious stones, gems, and jewelry importers, traders, manufacturers, retailors, and shop-owners. 


Early bird opportunities are enormous for gems and jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailors, at the birthplace of world's most precious gem stones in history.


Myanmar, as the last economic frontier, has tons of room to grow. Come join hands and let's grow together.


Our travel partners are ready to assist you for your business trip to Yangon.


Meet many gems suppliers, such as ruby stone suppliers or jade suppliers, for your jewelry business. There will be a lot of key people of wholesale jewelry business, at this gems and jewelry show in Yangon, Myanmar.


Technologies of production, cutting, and refinery are in dire needs to the Myanmar's unique gems industry. Technology and equipment suppliers with good experiences are being expected here. 




Investing in the fastest growing economies makes the best ROI for any investor.


For entrepreneurs, Myanmar gems industry has much to be explored, researched, and developed.


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Official Hotel

We welcome all gems and jewelry importers, wholesalers, traders, retail shop owners.