Mingalar par! That's how Myanmar people greet each other... meaning it's a great day!


How to travel to Myanmar (by air)

Traveling costs could be the largest cost for your trip. Depending on where you are, travelling to Myanmar may cost you a few hundreds or a few thousands. Here are approximate costs for your air travel:

Cheapest rouind-trip air fare for 1 person..

 Note that the rates may vary much depending on time, route, and class of your ticket.



How to travel to Yangon

Yangon International Airport is only 10 files away from downtown Yangon. Any taxi can take you to anywhere in Yangon roughly 30 minute or an hour at busy hours. Official Yangon Airport web site can be visited here to get more information: http://yangonairport.aero 



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ဤပြဲသို႔ အခမဲ့ ဝင္ေရာက္ခြင့္ ရရန္အတြက္ ႀကိဳတင္ စာရင္းေပးသြင္းပါ။